Campaign's rising rent at Trump Tower came as space expanded


Federal Election Commission reports show that the Republican presidential nominee's campaign paid $35,457 per month for rent and utilities to Trump Tower Commercial LLC when Mr. Trump's campaign was largely self-funded, roughly between August 2015 and this April. In May, the rent jumped to $72,800, and in June it was up again to $110,684.

Rent on Donald Trump's campaign headquarters at Trump Towers spiked dramatically after the Republican presidential hopeful began raising funds from donors, according to to a published report.

Trump's staff also contracted during that time.

In July, however, after Trump began raising funds from donors, the rent mysteriously jumped up to $169,758, nearly five times the amount from March.

The campaign's staff fluctuated between May and July, going from 166 to 139 to finally settling at 172.

According to campaign finance database, 30 percent of personal contributions were small individual donations of $200 or less.

"If I was a donor, I'd want answers", a Republican National Committee member told the Huffington Post.

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"The campaign is kind of being run in a little bit of a ... you know ..." The space used cheap folding tables, and had exposed ceilings and walls. Although the filings did not specify why the properties were paid, we feel like we should note that Trump hosted his press conferences at the different Florida golf courses listed (above).

Mr Trump has always been accused of paying himself and members of his own family during the campaign.

While it's unusual for a presidential candidate to simply give his campaign $47.5 million in the first place, and his campaign's fundraising efforts saw significant improvements in July, the Trump campaign has spent much of the funds it has received inefficiently - such as on things like web advertising at a low rate of return, Quartz reported.

Running for president is good for Donald Trump's bottom line.

Trump Tower rented 9,000 feet of office space in December at $120 per square foot, but has been unable to rent a 15,000 square-foot office that includes six terraces overlooking Fifth Avenue, even at a discounted rent of $90 per square foot. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has leased two floors of a Brooklyn office building totaling 80,000 square feet since she began her campaign, paying roughly $212,000 a month, although she has a campaign staff far outnumbering Trump's, with over 700 employees.

Trump's campaign told the Huffington Post it has taken more space at Trump's tower, and added that Trump contributes $2 million per month to his own campaign, "obviously a much higher amount than rent". The reports obfuscate by talking about percentages of fundraising instead of amounts.