Lorde: 'Pain from my first major break-up inspired new album'


Fans worked through it and picked it apart over and over (lord knows, I did) but once you know something inside-out, you tend to want something new. But with "Green Light", a comeback single that barges into your heart on its first play, Lorde makes a good case that her songwriting, above all else, is her strongest asset.

On Twitter, Lorde said she looks forward to sharing the rest of the album, "Melodrama", with her fans. "I'm going to get that "Green Light" and when I do, it's going to be the greatest". In addition to the premiere, Lorde will be joining the famed Z100 Elvis Duran and The Morning Show in studio on the morning of Friday, March 10 to celebrate the launch. Part of that, she said, was moving back home to New Zealand during the early days of her massive fame. "And then wrote the song and I was like "oh sh*t, this is it". I say, 'She thinks you love the beach, you're such a liar.' What the fuck, she thinks you like the beach?! She didn't just release the single but she also premiered its full music video.

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Of course, this endeavor into the unknown sounds effortless; like Lorde's best songs, "Green Light" lands like a sucker punch on the first listen, and different details emerge on the 20th. I whisper things, the city sings 'em back to you.

Lorde has explained why she took a break from music after finishing the campaign for her debut album. 'I moved out of home and into my own house and basically just had this fantastic year of independence and freedom and figuring out all this stuff about myself. And it was more than just her sound that made her rapid rise feel like a coup - the lyrics of her breakout hit "Royals" critiqued the shallow celebrations and signifiers of many Top 40 hits, simultaneously taking over the format while pushing it to go deeper. She hinted that "Green Light" is only the beginning of her next musical exploration. But even if this song isn't entirely representative of the new album, I have a feeling that Melodrama will still be witty and weird and scary and attractive, like everything Lorde does.