Google Expands Enterprise Cloud With Machine Learning


The new Cloud Video Intelligence API, says Google, utilizes "powerful deep-learning models" to search for user-specified objects (cats, humans, cars, etc) within video content, pinpointing moments within the video where these objects are located. Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google's cloud business, recalled that Disney spoke at last year's conference "when they were just dabbling in the cloud". In a way, this new technology is similar to the image search using recognition and processing tools, the only difference being this time it is not just for static images.

SAP will be collaborating with Google to leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning initiatives.

"Once the data's inside BigQuery, that's where further enrichment happens", Brian Stevens, VP of Cloud Platform for Google Cloud, said during Thursday's keynote address at the Google Next conference in San Francisco. "This API is for large media organizations and consumer technology companies, who want to build their media catalogs or find easy ways to manage crowd-sourced content", Google's Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li wrote in a blog post.

Google is now expanding those capabilities to videos, with the Cloud Video Intelligence API. For example, Google offers APIs such as its Cloud Vision API, Cloud Speech API, Cloud Jobs API, Cloud Translation API, Cloud Video Intelligence API, and the Cloud Natural Language API. It will even mark scene changes.

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The partnership will help Google to address an elevated demand for customer assistance, as the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform has increased dramatically over the past year.

Please Wait while comments are loading. As previously mentioned, this technology was only realized using still images prior, but with the help of a new API, developers will finally have the freedom to build applications that can allow users to search information in videos.

"What these businesses are learning, however, is that different workloads require different platforms across public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers", added Rhodes. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, said the company has spent $30 billion on its cloud strategy, and urged enterprises and developers to come aboard.

Meanwhile, Google also announced that Cloud SQL now supports PostreSQL. That contest gave participates early access to Google's Cloud Machine Learning beta platform as well. Verizon, HSBC, eBay, Home Depot, Disney, Colgate-Palmolive, and SAP also spoke about their partnerships with Google - alternately in glittering generalities and arcane enterprise software acronyms.