Taylor Swift fan arrested after stalking her on her roof!


And, sadly, Taylor Swift's had some experience dealing with both.

Mohammed Jaffer, 29, who had allegedly been stalking Swift and reportedly made many attempts in February and the preceding months to get in touch with the singer at her NY residence, has finally been caught by police and is now behind bars. According to the outlet, an obsessed fan repeatedly climbed onto the roof of her stunning penthouse in New York City from 10pm-2am.

A man has been arrested for allegedly stalking Taylor Swift.

The fan is a 29-year-old man named Mohammed Jaffar, and understandably this really freaked out TayTay.

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Undeterred, Jaffar would return four more times before finally being arrested on Monday (March 6).

Another time, Jaffar allegedly rang Swift's door buzzer for an hour straight in a desperate attempt to make her acquaintance.

Mohammed Jaffar, 29, launched his creepy campaign in December, when he arrived at Swift's Franklin Street address and requested a sit-down with her before being ordered to get lost, the documents state. He has climbed up on the roof and has tried to enter her house by ringing the door bell several times. He also allegedly contacted Swift's management company 59 times between January 27 and February 16 in an attempt to see her.

Mohammed is now being held on a $20,000 bond, and Judge David Frey has reportedly signed off on an order of protection which prevents him from having any contact with Taylor. He's also been forbidden from seeking contact with Swift. Her star-studded neighbors in the 10-unit building include Orlando Bloom and director Steven Soderbergh, according to StreetEasy.