Are You A Fan Of Starbucks' New Spring-Inspired Cups??


But now the coffee giant is proving its cooler than ever by releasing brand new cups to reflect the sunshine of the new approaching season.

Beginning Thursday, Starbucks is welcoming in the new season with its first-ever spring hot beverage cup at stores in the US and Canada for a limited time. Just think of how good they are going to look on Instagram.

The Starbucks seasonal cups coming next week will have different colors for each drink size. In lieu of the well-known Starbucks logo, Starbucks is encouraging their customers to draw in their own spring designs. The coffeeshop debuted its' spring themed cups, but do they really compare to the classic holiday ones?

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What that said, those who look forward to red cup season will definitely appreciate the colors. They arrive March 16 in the United States and Canada, and will be available for a limited time only.

Starbucks revealed that this means "just for a few days".

The bright-yellow (Venti), baby-blue (grande) and pale-green (tall) cups are the first time Starbucks has expanded on its seasonal holiday tradition. They have branched out to introduce autumn and summer cups as well.