Injustice 2 Micro-Transactions Detailed, Firestorm Gets a Gameplay Trailer


You can also use them to change the appearance of Gear, which is earned through play and comes with individual stats that can confer bonuses to a specific character's strength, defense, and health, along with adding new visual effects and animations.

NetherRealm has finally opened up on the microtransactions in Injustice 2 in the form of Source Crystals.

The announcement from WB Games assured players that Injustice 2 will not be pay-to-win, as these gear choices (which include transmogrification, shaders, and legendary skins with no stat bonuses) will not have any effect on how your character plays. "To be clear, we value our community and want to confirm that you can not "pay to win" in Injustice 2", it reads. That's also illustrative of the character's dual personality; the Firestorm in Injustice 2 is composed of the minds of Jason Rusch and Martin Stein, who "are only beginning to master their abilities", according to the developer.

"This is optional and won't affect gameplay or game progression", NetherRealm stressed.

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Four of the characters joining the "Injustice 2" roster. You can, however, change the look of Gear pieces in order to better suit your style preferences.

If you reach level 20 for a character, you can use Source Crystals to save time and level up another character to Level 20 too.

Pricing for Injustice 2's Source Crystals will be announced later. Again, this doesn't have anything to do with power-ups; it just lets you transform the look of your gear to match your fighter's overall outfit.

Injustice 2 will be released for PS4 and Xbox One May 16.