Not Maggie Too! Why She's In Danger In 'Walking Dead' Penultimate Episode


Well, I'll just say there are spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead, but, come on, you're just a little bit curious, aren't you? Rosita fled the Sanctuary crying and thinking that the Saviors had killed Sasha, which seems likely to happen in "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Finale. He also has noticed too many people living in his trailer, something he views as a "fire hazard".

Jesus has a talk with Maggie and reveals that he's gay, which is important why...? Daryl is so wracked with guilt he can't even look at Maggie, even when the two of them are forced to hide from the Saviors in the Hilltop mansion's basement. So as not to leave the Hilltop high and dry without any medical solutions, Simon has his men drop off a crate filled with boxes of aspirin. For the first time since the season premiere, Maggie and Daryl shared the same scene-which means it was the first time since Daryl's foolish act of defiance got Glenn killed.

Furthermore, having Jesus draw Sasha a map (of The Sanctuary) and then convince her not to go weakens his character a lot, throwing in a big inconsistency given his otherwise thoughtful and cunning approach to situations. Weaselly Hilltop mayor Gregory is still being weaselly, laying yet more groundwork for when he inevitably betrays Maggie to the Saviors in the future.

Best line:"You're one of the good things in this world". "That's what Glenn thought". Third, the show can't sustain itself focusing exclusively on whom Negan will kill each episode, and twisting both Negan and Rick's expectations will shake things up. When that fails, he tries to convince her to tell Maggie.

During a quick conversation he says he always found it hard to get close to anyone: neighbors, friends, and boyfriends.

What's more, there's comic book precedent for what might happen next to Sonequa Martin-Green's character. Jesus is the sixth LGBT character after Tara (Alanna Masterson), Alisha (Juliana Harkavy), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) and Denise (Meritt Wever) to feature on the show.

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He came to Hilltop to take Dr. Harlan Carson (R. Keith Harris) with him back to the Sanctuary. However, her fate remains in danger, since she appears to be locked under Negan's orders. Eugene quickly deduced they planned on poisoning Negan.

Eugene is from Houston, Texas.

Best evidence for a long con: If you are on Team Eugene is Not a Traitor, look no further than the fact that he didn't immediately rat out Sasha and Rosita.

Do you think Sasha will be killed within the remaining two episodes of Season 7? Sasha would definitely take them. Gross. Now it remains to be seen if, as Rosita posited, that he's working from the inside to eventually assist in Negan's downfall, but in that moment he was a Father Gabriel in Season 5 level of disappointing. Before Rosita showed up, asking Sasha for help to bring down Negan, Sasha, Maggie, and Jesus were already writing up battle plans, teaching the "cannon fodder" how to fight, and sketching maps of the Saviors' compound. I love those moments because's something that Rosita made for Abraham. She brings him a basket of vegetables, but he doesn't want it. Enid can not stop him from entering the cellar, and poking around.

Serratos said she and Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha, laughed about it because instead of taking it off and tossing it, she tucked it back into her shirt.