Escape of cattle from St. Louis slaughterhouse spurs roundup


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports ( ) the animals were picked up Monday from the slaughterhouse and taken to an area farm.

Star Packing Company owner Omar Hamdan said that he would be willing to sell the cattle, which can go for around $1,800.

Workers on Thursday afternoon, March 30th are working to wrangle six cattle that escaped from a slaughterhouse! Officers can be seen holding tranquilizer rifles.

All six cattle were eventually captured around 6 p.m. Animal control officers and the Humane Society of Missouri were on hand to help, police said. A cattle trailer is backed up to a home in the area.

New York-based Farm Sanctuary and an animal-rescue organization in New Jersey are offering to take in the renegade bovines.

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Both the rescue group and the cattle owners arranged a deal; now the cattle will spend the rest of the lives on the farm.

"If anyone wants to buy them that's fine", Hamdan said Thursday.

St. Louis police attempt to round up a heifer who escaped from a slaughterhouse Thursday in St. Louis.

That's prompted a local vegetarian to launch an online fundraising push to buy the animals' freedom.