Harrowing details of Hillary Clinton's election night revealed


A new book detailing the dramatic final hours of the Clinton campaign describes how "Obama's legacy and her dreams of the presidency lay shattered at Donald Trump's feet".

As the first polls closed on 8 November, Hillary Clinton was preparing for the moment she would at long last take the stage as the first female president of the United States.

What reportedly followed was a series of phone calls, first from Fox News and later from the White House, calling on Mrs Clinton to concede to Mr Trump as he began winning key states.

"You need to concede", Obama apparently told his former secretary of state over the phone.

MORE's handling of the scandal surrounding her use of a private server was "political malpractice", a new book reveals.

As the first take on Clinton's doomed campaign, they offer a behind-the-scenes view of the obstacles in her way - some familiar and others a effect of the shifting American electorate.

The book says a second previously undisclosed phone conversation with Mr Obama "crystallized everything for Hillary".

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Ultimately, Allen and Parnes get inside the campaign but not inside the mind of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton made a decision to issue a much more hopeful tone in the concession speech she delivered the day after losing to President Twitter Fingers.

Written by The Hill's Amie Parnes and Sidewire's Jonathan Allen, the tome claims to contain the inside story of the collapse of the Clinton machine and what really went down on Election Night. "At times, Trump and Sanders would act as the right and left speakers of a stereo blaring a chorus on repeat: Hillary's a corrupt insider who has helped rig the political and economic systems in favor of the powerful". She stopped speaking directly to her campaign manager by the end of February 2016. "I'm sorry", she said.

When Trump eventually came on the line Clinton conceded graciously. The Clinton aides askedSanders to useher campaign slogan, "I'm with her".

In fact, the book often dwells on her problematic speech prep.

As she saw it, "other people will criticize him". According to a new book, released just months after the stunning election, it was a defeat that scared Clinton so badly she has given up ever seeking higher office again.

Allen said when election results showed she would lose to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, her aides tried to convince her to give an impassioned concession speech in which she would promote Democratic values.