Solidarity for science: Halifax rally planned to support Washington March for Science


The event grounds open at 8:00am on the National Mall, north of the Washington Monument.

"It is the ideal day to March for Science", said Nancy Moran of the Climate Parents of Green Country, a local organizer of the march.

"We all want the best education possible for our children and that includes science". Executive orders to start the rollback of the Clean Power Plan, lift the federal moratorium on coal leasing on public lands, and green-light the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines pose major threats to Americans' health and environment and the world's climate. Souza said the march aims to show "in the most public way possible" precisely how many people support science, not just in the USA, but also across the world.

But Eickhout said the assessments were not as objective as one would think.

The Globe authors say an "erosion of the public trust in science" brought about by industry lobbyists has resulted in "a widening rift between critical thinking and alternative facts".

The march "has the endorsement of an enormous number of well-respected scientific organizations", said Susan Gerbi, professor of biochemistry and an organizer for the March for Science RI. Bonoan will be giving a lecture on honey bees at a museum in MA during the march, but will be wearing a March for Science t-shirt in solidarity. "The March for Science calls for science-based policymaking, and the Peoples Climate March puts this value into practice by opposing Trump's reckless anti-climate agenda, defending the integrity of climate science and democracy, and standing up for justice".

"I thought based on the way that they publicly described the mission that there was a way to be a partner group", said John West, vice president of the Discovery Institute, which represents scientists who believe in intelligent design.

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If we choose to ignore science and refuse to fund important scientific research, we voluntarily cede our place as a world leader in innovation.

The attack on science comes not only in the form of draconian budget cuts, but also in ways that politicize science and intimidate some who undertake it.

Even more interesting is whether the event - and the organized activity leading up to it - will inspire participants to get involved in political persuasion and science advocacy on a regular basis. These have promoted the march to their members, suggested speakers for the teach-ins on the day, and will be key to rallying people for the science cause long after the march is over, says Berman.

"For years now, going back far before the election of last fall, there has been a concern among scientists and friends of science that evidence has been crowded out by ideology and opinion in public debate and policy making". And so we know that it is because of science that diseases that were once widespread and incurable are now - within our own lifetime - eradicated or treatable.

The April 22 March for Science will include more than 500 marches in the USA and across the world. But she said the group has seen incredible excitement in recent months from scientists who say they want to do more than add their names to a letter to Congress. "They are accused of having a political agenda and their work isn't taken serious anymore", says Rogers, who regards the march as a meaningful reaction of concerned scientists and U.S. citizens.

"There are sweeping accusations against the scientific community".

"The protests are often fueled by those with left-leaning political views who were surprised by Trump's victory but have not been quelled by his policies and actions since taking office", the Post reported on Friday. As federal science data websites began to disappear, many began to voice their concern over the fate of the scientific community in the U.S., according to the U.S. News and World Report. "The evidence for what works in the classroom comes from social and behavioral science research; the evidence for how to prepare for the inevitable natural disaster comes from Earth science and engineering studies". You can find all of the "Week of Action" events here.