Comparable images show graphical improvements on Scorpio


Hardware-wise it's fantastic; it's a small, neat box, it's powerful enough to give an incremental boost to existing Xbox One games, and its inclusion of an Ultra HD Blu-ray player means that it's earned an nearly permanent place underneath my television.

Phil Spencer talked about Xbox One Project Scorpio and how the development of the console started. Also, folks with 1080p HD displays are still going to see a benefit with Project Scorpio, but obviously, to get the most out of the new Xbox when it launches in holiday 2017, you're going to want to invest in a proper 4K television.

A separate image of a ladybug shows off the kinds of things developers will be able to take advantage of with Scorpio. Remember, not all developers will release 4K upgrades for their games. Project Scorpio is fairly priced, based on what the consumers have been shown so far, but with the lack of exclusives compared to PlayStation 4's steadily increasing and an already good library of exclusive games.

Recall that Microsoft will return to present Xbox Scorpio during at E3 2017 in Los Angeles.

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Interestingly, the 8GB of memory - which is up from the 5GB found in the original Xbox One - allows the console to process art assets, making it easier to run 4K resolution visuals at higher speeds. I think his argument is that subscriptions could allow for bigger games to be made since they could be split up and released episodically, but a continuous revenue stream could easily be abused-just look at the current state of DLC.

The price is approximately double of what a 500GB Xbox One console without Kinect is now selling for.

Even though it's pretty easy to gauge the graphical enhancements that Project Scorpio will offer just by looking at the revealed hardware specifications, it can still be hard to imagine just how large the tangible graphical difference will be. The insect has been partly rendered in 4K with Xbox One processing power (left side of the image) and partly rendered with major improvements in textures and 3D geometry like those the Scorpio is capable of.

This could end up being a massive problem for the company's upcoming Project Scorpio, even if it is the most powerful console around in terms of its specs. And of course the devs also hit an insane native 4K 60FPS at Ultra PC equivalent settings on Project Scorpio using only 88% of the customized GPU.