May is National Mental Health Awareness Month


As Ellen Scott put it, 'we still need to be talking about mental health'. The seriousness and the costliness of the issue demand year-round attention.

The need for early intervention and bringing services together were some improvements suggested for South Australia's mental health services during Commissioner Chris Burn's visit to Port Lincoln on Monday.

SA Mental Health Commissioner Chris Burns heard from Port Lincoln and Eyre Peninsula residents at Ravendale on Monday night. According to the National Institutes of Health, 1 in 5 American adults experience mental illness, and 1 in 25 have a serious illness.

This is particularly important as the nation grapples with health care policy and Republicans attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act - colloquially known as Obamacare.

Check out on the Mental Health America website.

GETTYTwo in five of those surveyed believe they have experienced depression in their lives

Last year, the journal Health Affairs calculated that the United States spends more than $200 billion annually on mental health, ranking it far ahead of heart conditions and trauma injuries as the most costly health condition.

After the first maybe three months we can see that our child is growing, very healthy and meeting all the development milestones, but we get to a point where we start to subconsciously compare our child to the many children that we see when we go out everyday - 'Why does this child look bigger than mine?', 'That baby is already holding things, but what about my child?'.

The research, conducted among 2,000 van owners and operators, found that more than half of the van drivers with poor mental health said that increased time pressures (52 per cent) and increased workload (50 per cent) are factors affecting their mental health, with one in three believing that job uncertainty is contributing to their poor mental health and 17 per cent of delivery drivers adding that road congestion is impacting on their state of mind.

Having a small amount of mental health expertise in each school may be helpful, but it will not solve the problem. Mental health care systems are in crisis. A study from the World Health Organization estimates that the cost of mental health treatment is outweighed fourfold in terms of increased production and improved physical health. Mental health issues affect all of society in some way or another.

The public was invited to share their ideas of what was needed from mental health services at a session held at Ravendale Community Sports Centre on Monday night. As a result, treatment and recovery may seem out of reach for many people that need help.

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