More from Build: Microsoft unveils cross-device vision for Windows 10


SEATTLE-The branding of the next major Windows 10 update has been revealed, and it's pretty similar to the name given to the current Creators Update version: it will be the Fall Creators Update.

At the center of Microsoft's vision for Windows 10 is the upcoming Fall Creators Update, which is expected to arrive around September.

Myerson highlighted several new features coming to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

The Fluent system will start on Windows 10, but it'll eventually make its way to Microsoft's iOS and Android apps, too. This new feature is called On-Demand files and it works with both OneDrive personal and business as well as SharePoint online.

With Timeline, you can jump back in time into files, apps and sites, using a visual timeline to help you navigate. What this means, basically, is that users can start working in an app on one machine and pick up right where they left off on another device.

Switching between apps in Windows 10 has always been easy thanks to Task View, but now there will be a timeline aspect to it as well - so you can effectively get back to where you were, even if it was on another Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft Patches the "Crazy Bad" Windows Vulnerability - 05/09/2017 04:10 PMEarlier today we reported that Google Project Zero researchers found a ‘insane bad’ Windows RCE flaw.

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In another concession to the popularity of Apple's products, iTunes software will be added to the Windows Store - an announcement that evoked some of the loudest cheers in Thursday's crowd. That will give you more granular control over each app's volume instead of basing everything on the system volume.

Microsoft will employ the activity data collected along the way to support Timeline, a feature for bringing up old application sessions. When you select a given file from the picker, it will automatically download and open in the app - like a local file would. The idea, he says, is to make it so you don't need a keyboard to work with those apps.

Windows Story Remix, meanwhile, sounds like what Google already does with its Google Photos Assistant, stitching together photos into a slideshow, sometimes combining them with video. Microsoft executives described it as a more gradual journey over time. Microsoft also announced it is working with SUSE Linux and Fedora Linux running on the Windows Subsystem for Linux to bring them to the Windows Store.

There's no word on when, exactly, the Fall Creators Update will be available.

Along with a name, we also got our first official look at the new design language that is set to roll out with the Fall Creators Update.

Windows is making hand-held controllers for virtual reality.