Giant sea creature washes up on Indonesia's Serum Island


Asrul Tuanakota discovered the 15 metre-long body on Hulung Beach on Seram Island, and initially believed it to be a washed-up boat or shipping container.

Villagers have called on the government to help remove the tonnes of stinking flesh, according to the Jakarta Globe.

It is thought to be almost 50 feet (15 meters) long and 6-7 meters wide.

Some have speculated that the creature was a giant squid, while others even guessed it was an elephant. At the present moment, and due largely to the creature's size and general shape, experts anticipate it turning out to be a whale of some variety. In 2015, a creature with a long beak and furry tail was found in Russian Federation, which baffled marine experts around the world.

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The decaying remains of an unidentified sea creature have washed up on the coast of Indonesia.

A group of marine scientists are plotting to take samples of the creature soon, Detik reports.

A mysterious sea creature on the beach of Indonesia has been holding the interest of locals for past few days.

Vice did some more digging around and sent a photo of the creature to the Zoological Society of London, and someone there identified it as a baleen whale.