Tesla CEO says company to start selling solar roof tiles


Essentially it's a way to turn your roof into a power source with your own battery at home. So you have an even color from the ground level.

The price has not been released, although it's expected to be substantially higher than a traditional roof with solar panels. "Why would you get anything else?" Here's everything you need to know.

Tesla said the typical homeowner can expect to pay $21.85 per square foot for Solar Roof, which is $2.65 less than an October estimate by Consumer Reports that the sun-powered roof for an average size USA home would need to be cost competitive with a regular roof.

A standard solar panel setup could cost about 30 percent less than the Tesla system, Bloomberg reports. This is because they are designed like actual tiles, in fact, it's hard to tell them apart.

Some analysts had expressed skepticism that Tesla's innovative roofs could be priced competitively, but it again showed itself determined to prove naysayers wrong. "The fact that they are starting in California makes flawless sense, since you have a lot of sun and high energy costs". That's potential energy not being captured and not being used by your house, instead you buy expensive electricity from the grid.

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So far, however, panels have dominated rooftop solar. The results, which draw on Google's Project Sunroof, vary according to energy costs and other factors. The "black glass smooth" and "textured" tiles will be available first, and the company will begin selling the "Tuscan" and "French slate" tiles in six months, he said.

The first question on people's mind is, "aren't these glass?" The payment is fully refundable until you enter into an installation agreement with Tesla. "Solar power going to a stationary battery pack so you have power at night, and then charging an electric vehicle...you can scale that to all the world's demand".

No official information is available yet regarding the price of the solar roof tiles, but the cost is expected to be similar to the price of a traditional roof plus electricity costs. And let's assume a little more for those in the United Kingdom because of the great British weather and all that. The typical homeowner can expect to pay $21.85 per square foot for Solar Roof.

Hours after the announcement, Tesla revealed the costs. That's how long the power side of things is covered for. Musk said at the unveiling that Tesla had established a new glass division and that it had worked with SolarCity to design the new solar product.

The Tesla solar roof is made of tempered glass, which makes them three times stronger than things like slate or asphalt tiles, according to Tesla. They have a Class 4 (the best) hail rating and will survive where traditional roof tiles would be smashed to pieces. Installations will begin next month in the US, starting with California.