Coroner: Teen had healthy heart before caffeine


Mountain Dew was one of the drinks a high school student consumed before he died of excessive caffeine.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said Monday that Davis Cripe had no pre-existing heart condition that might have caused him to collapse and die in a classroom last month.

Watts says that the teen had consumed a large diet Mountain Dew, a Cafe Latte from McDonalds, and a popular energy drink which led to his death.

While McDonald's doesn't now report the amount of caffeine in their coffee, Caffeine Informer estimated a large, 21-24-ounce McDonald's latte contains 178 milligrams of caffeine.

A coroner says a healthy 16-year-old SC high school student died from heart problems after drinking too much caffeine.

Davis Allen Cripe died April 26 at Palmetto Health Parkridge Hospital after collapsing at Spring Hill High School.

"What we want to do here today is to make people understand that these drinks - this amount of caffeine, how it's ingested, can have dire consequences".

Cripe's father, Sean Cripe, attended the news briefing. Watts says his intention is not to bash particular suppliers of caffeine-laden products, but instead to help educate the public on very real safety concerns.

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An autopsy failed to show any kind of preexisting conditions.

Sean Cripe said he hopes that if nothing else comes out of this, parents and kids will realize the dangers of caffeinated beverages. Healthline reports that the recommended daily caffeine limit should not exceed 400 mg for a healthy adult.

Father: "It wasn't a auto crash that took his life".

Assuming Cripe drank a large latte and energy drink, in addition to the large Mountain Dew, he would have had about 434mg.

He also urged people to avoid highly caffeinated drinks.

It's not know what type of energy drink Davis consumed before he passed away. "I'm telling my friends and family don't drink them".

The FDA has reported in the past that teenagers have died of heart arrhythmias after consuming large amounts of Monster Energy drinks. "Parents, please talk to your kids about these energy drinks".