Sega Plans to Revive Major IPs and Obtain New Ones


Under the "Segment Goal / Business Strategies" section of the presentation, SEGA listed "Revival of major IPs" as one of its efforts in among the "Packaged Games Field". However, the company isn't re-entering the console race but seeks to bring new IPs to the scene, as well as revive much older games as of 2017 and beyond for mobile devices, PC and consoles.

In a document highlighting their direction for the next three years, the Japanese publisher outlined plans to "expand utilised IPs".

As reported by Gematsu, Sega reported on a roadmap to investors on what it wants to do in the near future.

Luke is Games Editor at IGN's Sydney office.

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Sega recently released the slide show used in their recent financial report. No games are specified, but there is great deal of emphasis on expanding overseas games publishing and developing titles that will be become "global hits".

Part of their strategy through to 202 was the "revival of past IPs", which could include any number of SEGA's proprietary franchises.

Exactly what SEGA plans to release remains to be seen since the company does have quite a few titles under the belt. It also sounds like Sega is distributing its brands among its various studios worldwide- for North America, it has identified Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, and interestingly enough, Sonic.

Persona 5 and Total War: Warhammer give Sega a bump at the end of the fiscal year.