Viral video shows teens getting pepper sprayed for class


A uniformed police officer walks down the line of students offering them milk and words of comfort (milk and water can help reduce how long pepper spray stays in the body).

A group of teenagers at an OH high school voluntarily took a shot of pepper spray to the face, and it was all caught on videotape.

A group of OH teens recently volunteered to get pepper sprayed as part of their criminal technology course.

Added supervision was provided by the school's resource officer.

The pepper spray training is meant to help students earn industry credentials in public safety from the Ohio Department of Education, the school said in a statement.

This is a controlled and safe experience for the students and is completely voluntary.

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"Stop resisting, please comply", the instructor says in the video while discharging the chemical agent directly in the each student's face.

"It will cause irritation and a burning sensation to the eyes and nasal area for approximately 30 minutes to one hour".

Students who participated reportedly received extra credit.

Barberton City Schools Superintendent Patricia Cleary said in a phone call that the career tech class is sanctioned through the Ohio Department of Education. In order to graduate from a career tech program in OH, students need 12 points, so the spray was probably well worth it for some.

"Contact with OC particles in a sprayed mist incapacitates subjects by inducing an nearly immediate burning sensation of the skin, but more important, a burning and swelling of the eyes", the report said.