Paul George: George's fate could be determined Thursday


The prestigious first team consisted of James Harden, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Leonard and Anthony Davis.

While George and Hayward miss out on millions, Wall gets to bathe in it.

George can opt out of his IN contract after next season, but he could have been eligible for a massive extension if he had made one of the three all-NBA teams, which were announced Thursday. The fact that the Pacers will not have the option to provide George with the big pay upgrade could impact George's decision whether or not to sign an extension with IN this off-season and where he signs IN 2018 if he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

IN will still have that option if George makes an All-NBA team next year, but it would also risk allowing PG-13 to walk in free agency without getting anything in return.

"Why trade assets to get Butler when you think you might have a chance at Hayward in the summer where they have the cap space to sign him in and you don't have to trade anything?"

Friday's (AEDT) announcement of the 2016-17 All-NBA teams brought bad news for the Indiana Pacers and Utah Jazz in regard to their ability to retain their star small forwards.

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"If he can't win at the highest level in IN, then it's off to Laker Land he'll go", Amick wrote. "Whether he stays in IN or is traded elsewhere, he's going to be a free agent in 2018 if he doesn't re-sign this summer in Indiana". After surviving the National Basketball Association draft lottery for the fourth time, Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and the gang can get together to discuss the future of the franchise with some degree of clarity. This new provision was built into the system following Kevin Durant's departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder in free agency last summer.

This means that most likely after next season, the Pacers will only be able to offer George roughly 2-3 million more per season than other teams. There was speculation this year that a team like the Boston Celtics would make a move for the former All-Star, but that never came to be. The guys discuss all the latest Lakers news.

Hayward is another case.

Players qualify if they make the All-NBA team the year before the extension or are named Most Valuable Player or Defensive Player of the Year.

With the super-max contract off the table, the playing field for George's services are more even and perhaps even a little bit tilted in the favor of the Los Angeles Lakers when he becomes a free agent after next season.