Watch Mark Zuckerberg's Reaction When He Got Into Harvard


The journey of Mark Zuckerberg, a young and ambitious dropout from Harvard, has been a popular, as well as an exemplary, one.

We are all familiar with the nerves before getting a response from a potential university one has applied to.

On Thursday, Zuckerberg shared a video on - of all the obvious places - Facebook that showed the moment he found out that he got into Harvard University more than a decade ago.

The clip was filmed by his dad Edward and sees a young Mark sat at a computer screen as he discovers the life changing news which initially leaves him unable to speak.

The 33-year-old is set to deliver a commencement speech at Harvard next week, and is expected to receive an honorary degree.

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Teen Zuckerberg (quietly): "Yay".

The video has been viewed 296,336 times and shared by 13,000 users.

"My dad took this video when I got accepted to Harvard", he captioned the post.

Mark also touched on his family's thoughts on his college days after a commenter joked that he chose a "very roundabout way to avoid Harvard's core curriculum requirements".

What neither of them knew then was that Mark Zuckerberg would never earn that degree. "Now I suppose the cycle is complete", stated Zuckerberg.