Trump records robocall for Montana special election


Republicans are still favored to hang onto the seat, but it's become an expensive affair. Republican groups have spent nearly four times as much targeting their opponent as Democrats have.

Gianforte, while noting that he's a "free market guy", says when the US patent system gives drug companies a monopoly on a given drug, there should be some "responsibility with pricing".

The Montana race is also being closely watched by national groups, she said, as a possible harbinger of things to come - not only in the Georgia special election in June, but also in next year's wider battle over Congress during the Trump era. But this race is closer than it should be. His Republican opponent, Greg Gianforte, has embraced the wildly unpopular Republican plan, saying he was "thankful" it had passed the House. While Trump handily carried the state, and former Rep.

The campaign committees for Democrat Rob Quist and Republican Greg Gianforte have raised at least $10 million combined, while outside groups have spent more than $7.1 million thus far.

Indicating that hunger for a people's revolution continues to grow throughout the United States, thousands of Montanans packed rallies across the state this weekend to hear Sen.

While Mr. Gianforte has toured with the president's allies, Mr. Quist has traversed the state in a rented Winnebago, with a bandmate as his chauffeur.

"It would be a mistake to assume all of the enthusiasm is on the left, I think there does exist enthusiasm on the right", the strategist said.

Emerson College Polling reported in April that "Gianforte led Quist 52 percent to 37 percent in the Emerson College poll, seven percent of voters saying that they were undecided".

Wicks has said that drug companies shouldn't be able to sell drugs overseas for anything less than they charge in this country, while Quist says the United States should allow re-importation of drugs from less-expensive markets, like Canada, and that Medicare should be able to bargain directly with the industry for lower drug prices.

"Montana has some history of voting consistently Republican for president, but frequently elects Democrats for other statewide offices", Ayres said. But the red-leaning state is not the lockstep GOP stronghold that Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho are.

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"The Republican is going to win". But the overwhelming majority of outside spending in this race has been for Gianforte and against Quist. "The story of this race doesn't have anything to do with Trump..."

"Our party can not just be about that", said New Jersey Sen.

"Nancy Pelosi in a cowboy hat", jibed one spot, tying Quist to the liberalism of Democrats' House leader.

"We have a very weak candidate who had no idea what he was getting into and had never been tested", said one national Democrat who's been involved in the race.

Can you chip in $5 to help Rob Quist win this race? "Quist's personal financials are a mess".

Gianforte seemed to keep his distance from the Trump campaign until after the November election, then went all aboard the Trump train.

Republican strategists say they're anxious that the race has tightened, while national Democrats say their polling shows the race has remained out of reach.

Now that the reality of a Trump presidency has settled in, Democrats could gain even more ground.

Turnout in rural Montana counties, where Republicans do well, has been strong with more than 70 percent of absentee ballots returned by rural voters, according to Montana's secretary of state.

"Hopefully we're going to win", Sen. "I think he's got a good chance".