Shootout at Texas car dealership leaves three dead


New video shows a deadly shootout involving two bounty hunters inside a Texas auto dealership.

Court records show a warrant was issued for 49-year-old Ramon Hutchinson, who went by the alias Raymond, in Hennepin County in March after he failed to show up for court.

When the dust settled, Hutchinson, Garcia and Bernal were dead, but fortunately nobody else was injured.

Hutchinson pulled a handgun from his waistband and dropped it on a desk before retrieving it and returning fire.

He was at the dealership with another person when he was approached by F.N.G. employees, Gabriel Bernal, 33 and Fidel Garcia, 54. At 7:20 p.m., Greenville police responded to reports of multiple shots fired at the dealership.

The dealership's owner told KXAS two of the men came to the dealership Tuesday afternoon and waited several hours for a third man to arrive.

The bounty hunters should have notified local law enforcement, he says, if they were planning to move on a fugitive with an aggravated felony.

The men fought as the suspect grabbed the gun and began firing.

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She also said she had seen a man who matched Hutchinson's description in the neighborhood many times.

"We were told they were federal agents, so we didn't ask them to leave", said dealership owner Rick Ford.

When asked about Hutchinson, Peters shared that a friend of his, a retired St. Paul cop, had told him that Hutchinson was the most risky person he's encountered in 35 years of police work.

A check of state licensing for private investigators maintained by The Texas Department of Public Safety indicates Garcia and Bernal were listed as "commissioned security officers".

Both Garcia and Bernal shot back.

Michael Phariss manages private investigators licensed to bounty hunt for the Texas Response Group.

Bounty hunters typically collect 10 percent of whatever the amount of the bond is that the suspect skips out on.

Peters then handed the investigation to Garcia. He said he would've done things differently just knowing the basics of what happened.