Mom admits lying to others after baby's death


After telling law enforcement officials two years ago that she saw her ex-boyfriend place her daughter Bella's body in a refrigerator, Rachelle Bond said Tuesday now she wasn't sure.

According to CBS News, Bond told jurors that Michael McCarthy punched the child, Bella, in the abdomen with such force that she literally bounced off the bed.

"I can never get her back..." She had placed dozens of calls in the days and weeks surrounding Bella's death to a friend; however, she made no calls to an attorney or to the police to report the girl's death. She was known as Baby Doe for months as investigators tried to identify her. She testified that McCarthy had allegedly threatened to kill her - a threat she claims that she believed because he had killed Bella. The defense, however, claims Rachelle Bond killed her daughter.

Instead, Shapiro argued, McCarthy, despite his heroin addiction, "was very good with [Bella]".

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Janet L. Sanders, meanwhile, after taking testimony from Bond out of jurors' earshot, refused to let Shapiro question her in front of the panel of 15 about her sordid history of fending off threatening aggressors. The two then allegedly put her body in a bag with weights and dropped the body into the water. Shapiro asked her why she wasn't anxious that he would give her an overdose, to which she responded, "I don't know if at that time I really cared if I died".

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Under cross-examination Tuesday, Bond reiterated that she didn't speak up about her daughter's death because she was afraid of McCarthy.

Defense attorney Shapiro said McCarthy was not obsessed with the occult and Satanism, and said that he was a good father who cared for Bella. Bond was "trapped" by his abusive behavior and by her own drug use, prosecutors said.

Bond responded, "I don't know, honestly I don't have an answer for that, um, I was scared of".

"No", replied a stone-faced Bond, whose testimony against McCarthy and her guilty plea to helping him cover up the infamous "Baby Doe" case were part of a deal worked out with prosecutors for less time.

One McCarthy text about Bella said, "we love her too much to even let the vampires be around her". He was living in Florida when the girl disappeared.