New Kaby Lake iMacs arrive from Apple


As the name suggests, the software isn't a complete overhaul.

Apple last updated its iMacs in fall 2015.

Both Apple's laptop and desktop lines have been given refreshes by Apple.

All the MacBook Pros and the MacBook are getting new Kaby Lake processors. All of the devices will be shipping from today and in stores from June 7.

Apple is calling it the most powerful Mac it's ever made, and you'll need to pay for the privilege of using it - prices start at $4,999, with no release date yet announced. They have higher memory capacities, faster storage, and Thunderbolt 3 capacity.

Tim Cook promised the best WWDC ever and over the course of 2 hours and twenty minutes Apple more than delivered in scale if nothing else with a bravura showcase of Apple's 2017 line-up.

According to tech industry observer Jack March, Apple might no longer release new MacBook Air devices because it no longer serves its objective. The result: Apple has been able to cram in Intel's Xeon processors, offering an 18-core 36-thread model at the top end.

One of the core highlights of this new iMac Pro device is the cooling system that it comes with.

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Apple also put faster components into the MacBook Pro laptops.

The iMac line is will lead off with the 21.5-inch at $1,099, the Retina 4K 21.5-inch at $1,299, and the Retina 5K 27-inch for $1,799. The solid state storage drives (SSD) also now work up to 50% faster and can be specced up to 2TB.

The 21.5-inch model will be available with up to 32GB, while the 27-inch one, can be customized with up to 64GB. 128GB of ECC will be available along with 4TB of 3GB/s SSD. It carries up to twice the memory as the past generation.

Moving to the mobile side, Apple (aapl) said that its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models will come with faster processors and better performance.

During the WWDC announcement it was briefly mentioned that MacBooks were also getting updated to Kaby Lake processors. The 5K 27-incher moves to the Radeon Pro 570, 575 and 580 with up to 8GB of dedicated memory. We reengineered the entire system and designed an entirely new thermal architecture to pack extraordinary performance. It also features support for 1 billion colours.

If you can't wait for the iMac Pro, Apple has available today a wholesale refresh of most of the Mac line-up.

We'll see how the iMac Pro performs (and how much it'll cost in New Zealand) by December, which is a long time to wait.