Apple Announces Vega-Equipped iMac Pro, Updates Existing Macs With Better Graphics


For customers with slightly less workload-heavy needs, the standard iMac desktop is also getting a boost. The company said it will ship it to more global markets in 2018.

The 21.5-inch iMac will start at $1,100 and the 4K 21.5-inch model will be available at $1,300. Given its existing relationship with AMD, then, it's not surprising that Apple picked the soon-to-debut Vega GPU. The company recently updated the Mac Pro with slightly newer processors, but aside from that minor upgrade, its high-end systems haven't been refreshed since 2013.

Apple's MacBook 2017 with a 12-inch LED-backlit Retina display gets a starting price of Rs 109,900 in India. It also is available in a lovely new space gray color. It also has a feature called Musicologist that connects with Apple Music to stream music users ask the speaker's Siri to play.

U.S. chipmaker AMD on Tuesday unveiled a high performance, power-efficient "Radeon Pro 500" series graphics for Apple iMac. Nevertheless, the French Apple news site Consomac, uncovered regulatory filings for several Mac devices in Russian Federation, which suggest that Apple's new MacBook Pro 2017 could be rolling out soon, QZ reported.

They'll include a 7th generation Intel core processor known as Kaby Lake clocked between 4.2 GHz with up to 4.5 GHz, Apple said Monday at WWDC in San Jose. Apple previously restricted most of its iMacs to integrated graphics.

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Apple today also updated the 13-inch MacBook Air® with a 1.8 GHz processor. The all new iMac Pro is available in a 27-inch Retina 5K display and users can configure the machine up to 18-core Xeon processors, providing 22 Teraflops of graphics computation.

The dark grey computer sports a 27-inch, 5K display and will start at $US4999 ($6676) in the US. If you're willing to pay that, and the price of an iPad Pro to begin, $29 probably isn't a huge stretch, especially if you're an accessory impulse buyer.

Based on what you read in Apple News, words you type into messages or content you search for in the Safari web browser, Siri will make suggestions in other apps.

The new iMac Pro looks to be a good solution for current iMac users who need to upgrade. The new machines come in configurations of 8-, 10-, or 18-core Xeon processors, with a memory cache of up to 42 MB.

You can order the iPad Pros with up to 512GB of storage, and they should be plenty fast: Alasdair Coull, the creative director from Peter Jackson's Wingnut AR offshoot, demoed an augmented reality game on stage at WWDC 2017 that ran very smoothly despite requiring the sort of processing power that meant having a large desktop tower not so long ago.