Climate deal pull-out may speed up damage to Trump property


President Donald Trump had on June 2 declared that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, saying the "draconian" deal unfairly punished America but benefited countries like India and China, drawing strong condemnation from across the world. But in June 2017, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will cease implementing the provisions of the Paris Accord.

In a video posted to Facebook an hour after Trump's Paris announcement, French President Emmanuel Macron offered refuge to American climate scientists and said Paris would "make our planet great again", borrowing the USA president's campaign slogan.

Pruitt is known to be a climate change skeptic. The book explores state-level policies and programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"So there might still be hope", he said. "This is the height of egoism and moral vacuum seeking only their own well-being even at the cost of the entire planet and, at the same time, a short-sighted and silly decision ignorant of the fact that the protection of the global environment is in their own interests", said a statement by the North Korean state media arm, the Korean Central News Agency. The 250-foot ship with six laboratories has technology to prevent any waste entering the sea or the atmosphere.

In December 2015, 195 countries adopted the Paris Climate Accord, which is the first global agreement addressing climate change. India, on its side, has said that it was committed to tackling climate change, irrespective of the stand taken by any other country.

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For instance, in response to President Trump's statement regarding the USA withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, governors from California, New York, and Washington announced the formation of a coalition that "will convene US states committed to taking aggressive action on climate change". The United States has a long record of negotiating worldwide agreements and then running away from them.

The vast majority of Americans - seventy percent of us - want to stay is this agreement endorsed by virtually the whole world. And they care about preventing a future where climate change continues to worsen and further threaten their children and grandchildren.

The signers all understand that the Paris Agreement is a blueprint for job creation, stability and global prosperity and that accelerating the United States' clean energy transition is an opportunity - not a liability - to create jobs, spur innovation, promote trade and ensure American competitiveness. Small businesses in the clean energy sector say they expect demand for their services to keep growing. And they are not alone: solar and wind are now the same price or cheaper than new fossil fuel capacity over 30 countries. It is cheaper than coal, and will reduce emissions. Trump's decision has already been met with criticism from sources at home and overseas, including several Michigan-based businesses, such as Dow Chemical Co. and Kellogg Co. The other major powers will all stick with the commitments they made in Paris 18 months ago, because they are all really frightened by what will happen if they don't.

Trump is a known Earth Hater, Climate Change Denier and Very Naughty Boy.