Police arrest 2 more suspects over bridge attack


The non-metallic nature of the knives suggests the killers may have been concerned about metal detectors.

Haydon described the pink knives as "pretty unusual" and appealed for anyone with information about where they came from to contact police.

He said: "We have stories of people armed with chairs, bottles, anything they could get their hands on with a view to trying to prevent the attackers coming to pubs and bars but also scaring them off to prevent other people being attacked". The leather binding actually went around the attackers' wrist so in essence it was nearly strapped to their wrist.

Instead he resorted to "plan B" and rented a white van which ploughed into pedestrians.

Four other men remain in custody in connection with the attack on June 3 when three men?

Despite the demands on police after the attacks in Westminster, Manchester and at London Bridge, Ms Dick said morale among officers was high.

Anthony Wood, from East London, duty general manager at The Anchor, was working last Saturday when the attack unfolded nearby and said he felt no anxieties about returning to work.

Police say the men used pink ceramic knives.

After hitting people on the bridge, the three attackers jumped out, ran into the Borough Market area while "stabbing numerous people, including a British Transport Police officer and an off-duty Met police officer", police said Saturday. Local police revealed that the three had loaded the van with sacks of gravel, in all likelihood to increase the van's weight so that they could use it as a "battering ram" against the pedestrians. He hired the van used in the attack from a B&Q store in Romford on the morning of the attack.

"I then heard more shouting and a stream of people came out of the market screaming and panicking".

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Inside, they found 13 apparent Molotov cocktails made from wine bottles and a possible flammable liquid.

Cops have also released images of the haul of weapons found inside the van, including molotov cocktails. Six minutes later it returned, crossing over the bridge again and making a U-turn at the northern end.

"We believe their safe house was in Barking Road in East London, so E8 in particular, we have found evidence in a top floor flat at premises there which certainly links them to the attack".

The Red Cross is urging people to "take a ride for London, eat a dish for London and say cheers for London".

Southwark council said on Saturday that all residents would now be able to return to their homes after police left the crime scene.

Separately on Saturday, London's Daily Telegraph newspaper reported Butt had made the interview stage for a job on the security team at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Police raided Redouane's residence on Tuesday and said he had been renting it since April.

The aim of the attackers seems to have been to replicate the attack in Nice, the officer said.

At the bedsit, police discovered an English language copy of the Koran opened at a page describing martyrdom, pieces of cloth which appeared to match material wrapped around the petrol bombs, and water bottles similar to those used in the fake suicide vests.