Dominate the road, sea and sky with The Crew 2


Following the product revealing conference at E3, Ubisoft has released the first look from its racing sequel The Crew 2 in the form of two videos.

Ubisoft has been refining their open world experiences with several new releases a year, and it appears to kinda be paying off with the latest batch of announcements, such as The Crew 2.

While we were expecting The Crew 2 to be set in a new location such as Europe, the U.S. map has been redesigned to incorporate the new vehicle variety. Taking us into the world of Inception. well no but the trailer surely had Inception elements in there to showcase all the new kinds of vehicles we'll be getting such as boats, planes and monster trucks!

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In the expanded open world of The Crew 2, you can become the king of all motorsports. The new game will also feature motorcycles, trucks (which were included in the original via the Wild Run expansion), speedboats, and planes. Every achievement you make is saved as a challenge for other players to complete. With four different ways to traverse the map, it will take some time before you master all four vehicle types.

It will be out on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Anyone hoping for a brand new map and location will be disappointed, as it appears that Ivory Tower has stuck with the original U.S. map and added bits here and there and - oddly - called it MotorNation. What's more you can sign up now for the open beta.