Minecraft Introduces Cross-Platform Play In Next Major Update


The company has also announced a server browser that will allow you to join out of public servers.

We're not sure how true that is, but that seems like a pretty petty reason not to let your player-base of 60+ million interact with gamers on different platforms in one of the most popular games in the world. More servers will follow, but no further information was provided on that front. New servers will go online from partners Lifeboat, InPvP, Mineplex and CubeCraft.

There's even more coming to the update, thanks to the unification of editions. This means that whichever worlds you have been working on before the switch, you will still be able to play there again. Players across Switch, Xbox One, Windows, and mobile devices can play together.

But many versions of the game are essentially their own separate islands, meaning players have to either pick a primary device to play the game on, or juggle multiple versions and purchase content multiple times. This makes them easier to manage, but the connectivity is what really makes it stand out, Time reports. This works both ways, too; if you're already a Realms subscriber on some other platform, you'll be able to access it from Switch and Xbox One after Better Together.

While Minecraft is a game that has evolved a lot over the years, one aspect that's remained relatively samey throughout its lifecycle is its graphics. No longer will Minecraft be separated into various "Editions", Microsoft said.

In short, all versions of Minecraft, including for Nintendo Switch, will support crossplay, allowing users of different platforms to play together.

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Microsoft's desire for convergence has its limits, though.

But there's two glaring omissions: the Java version on PC, which is understandable due to the difference in code, but also the PS4 version.

"We can't speak for Sony", Minecraft communications boss Aubrey Norris told GamesBeat.

In the fall of 2017, Microsoft will begin selling an a downloadable Minecraft extra, the Super Duper Graphics Pack, with cloud shadows, hazy atmospheres and reflecting water.

Microsoft and Mojang hope the new update will help achieve their vision of making the game a true creative platform.