Wife: Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy


Steve Scalise and three others at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.

WANG: Well, at this point, the FBI's confirmed that the shooter used a 9-millimeter handgun and also a 7.62-caliber rifle.

"I can show you messages and stuff that were much worse than this guy's Facebook posts", said Republican Congressman Kenny Marchant, referring to the assailant in Wednesday's shooting. And I met a man and a woman who said that they don't agree on President Donald Trump, but they're still friends.

Our country has become even more polarized since the election. "It was loud", he said. "It was a little abnormal", he said.

But Hodgkinson also suggested to the mechanic that he was planning to head back to IL; he asked whether the newly inflated tires would be able to carry him back to the Midwest.

Yesterday morning's baseball practice was in preparation for the Congressional Baseball Game this evening at Nationals Park in Washington - which took place as scheduled.

According to the Washington Post, we now have a step-by-step of the events that led to the GOP shooting earlier this week.

"I had no idea this was going to happen, and I don't know what to say about it".

She said she first heard about her husband's connection with the shooting from a reporter on the phone, while she was at work.

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The couple had been married for 30 years, she said, and he'd sold nearly everything from his business before moving out to D.C.in March.

Over the course of Thursday's news conference, Hodgkinson did not wish to discuss her husband's politics and asked reporters to leave her neighbors and family alone.

There were other signs that something was off with Hodkinson before he left - Suzanne said her husband of thirty years "made preparations" and "sold everything he owned" to get ready for his trip.

James Hodgkinson lost his 17-year-old foster daughter in 1996 when she set herself on fire. He said he was concerned about all Americans' safety from gun violence, not just politicians: "This is not what today is about, but we have too many guns on the street". I spoke to one person who lives in the area, Marilyn Blaha, who says she knew him professionally years ago, says her brother was still a friend. "I can't wrap my head around it", she said.

The agency said both guns were purchased from federal firearms licensees and "we now have no evidence to suggest that the purchases were not lawful".

The weapon, while not as accurate as more modern rifles, can still be lethal at close to medium ranges. "People say weird things all the time". "He didn't run with the pack - he was a lone wolf", Holbrook said. Hodgkinson's white van remained parked in YMCA lot until the Federal Bureau of Investigation had it towed about 4:30 p.m.

The list of mass shooters with previous records of domestic violence is long, but a separate problem is the fact that many mass shootings are directly related to intimate partners. The YMCA said that Hodgkinson had canceled his membership on Tuesday, and said he was moving.

Or how about the professor who said Republicans must be executed and the president must hang? But Slater said authorities were still working to determine a motive and had "no indication" Hodgkinson knew about the ball practice ahead of time. "It looks like we may be going into a left-wing phase now, but I'm not sure the violent right-wing is ready to shut up yet", MacNab said.