Apple Acquires Sensomotoric to Advance Augmented Reality Agenda


A paper trail of purchases through shell companies seems to indicate that Apple has secretly acquired German computer vision company SensoMotoric Instruments, MacRumors reports.

The company, SensoMotoric Instruments, previously made a specialized pair of glasses that used eye tracking for a variety of applications, including athletics.

SensoMotoric already has a working model for glasses that can be used for eye-tracking for athletes, as well as having worked with the Oculus Rift team on eye-tracking for their VR headset.

With the marriage of the two companies, AR and VR are likely Apple's next touchscreen. The firm has been into eye tracking glasses and other related systems.

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An archived mode of the site from the past week was an indication the firm was actually hiring though the current does not provide any information on this. Moreover, since the technology is created to enhance resolution only in the area where a user's gaze is detected, the other portions of the display are blurred, which in turn reduces demand for power on the headset's CPU and components.

Apple has not released any statements regarding the reason for this purchase or what it intends to do with the technology but we will let you know as soon as we know any more. No financial details are known.

With its new ARKit augmented reality development platform, AAPL is planning to take AR mainstream in iOS 11. It could also help Apple in developing software that can be integrated in coming iPhones or can make it to life as standalone devices. The company also brought VR development support to the company's highest-end desktop, the iMac Pro. Apart from the rumoured AR glasses, the company is also rumoured to have employed 1,000 engineers to work on AR-related tech, according to Wccftech.