Oil tanker, cargo ship collide in Dover Strait off UK coast


/// Product tanker SEAFRONTIER collided with panamax bulk carrier HUAYANG ENDEAVOUR at around 0300 CET July 1 in English Channel in vicinity 51 14N 001 45E, north of Calais.

It was carrying around 37,953 metric tonnes of petrol and had 27 people on board on a journey meant to end in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

Both vessels - an oil tanker carrying almost 38,000 tons of petrol and a bulk carrier - were damaged in the collision just after 2am.

The Independent reported that both vessels were Hong Kong-flagged.

Coastguard teams including the search and rescue helicopter, lifeboats and a French tug were all sent to the scene of the crash.

None of the 49 crew from both ships - registered from Hong Kong with Indian and Chinese crews - were injured and all hands were accounted for.

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"Although both vessels have been damaged, there is no water ingress and no pollution", Britain's maritime and coastguard agency said.

The prefecture said the situation was now under control and "doesn't pose a risk of pollution or a danger to navigation" in the strait.

A spokesman for maritime charity RNLI said the Seafrontier sustained "a hole above the water line and damage to the superstructure".

The Huayang Endeavour was en route to Lagos, Nigeria.

The UK Coastguard sent its helicopter to the scene along with Dover and Ramsgate RNLI lifeboats in case evacuation of the crews was needed. A tug was also called to the scene from Boulogne, France.

An investigation into the collision, which occurred in the midst of moderate winds and calm seas, is underway.