Oculus Rift Touch Bundle Drops to Just $399


You have to add an item to your basket from the Oculus website, and then on the next page it'll show you some related products.

Today, Oculus announced that it has a limited-time sale on the Rift and Touch controllers for $400.

The Oculus Rift isn't a ideal VR device by any means, but as the list of supported games grows and especially with the new price tag, this might be a hard bargain to pass up on.

$399 isn't a permanent price drop, but rather a six week limited offer running alongside the sales and special events Oculus. For the Rift you don't get all the software goodies you did with the Vive, but being $350 cheaper definitely helps.

We are not sure how long will this deal last, but if the earlier price was a bit too much for you, this might be the ideal time to buy the Oculus Rift as we doubt it will get any cheaper.

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This isn't the first price reduction on Oculus this year, either. Still that move didn't have the desired effect which prompted Oculus in May to shutter its virtual reality content production unit Story Studio and instead go with third party content.

Further, Rubin said that even the Sony PlayStation was put on sale, "and they're not in desperation to sell hardware". The Xbox One hit £250 just under three years after launching at £450 with a bundled Kinect camera (which is no longer part of the console's default package).

Nevertheless, if you want to support the Facebook corporatocracy, feel free to pick up the Rift for only $399.

By offering its VR hardware at a discounted price, the company is hoping that more people will buy and adopt the technology which features high-quality immersive gaming and entertainment media. It's the second time this year that Facebook has discounted Oculus gear.

There are stacks of games now available through the Oculus online store, more than 500 in fact, including Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Batman: Arkham VR and Elite Dangerous.