Ed Sheeran Has Straight Up Deleted His Twitter Following His 'GoT' Debut


Following the criticism, Sheeran's Twitter account has disappeared.

Ed Sheeran erased his Twitter account on Monday, without giving any sort of open clarification to fans.

Ed Sheeran knows there's no need for armor in Springfield. "It's like what're we doing here?" His appearance hasn't been warmly received on social media, with many viewers arguing that the unsubtle cameo of Sheeran singing snaps watchers out of the fictional world.

"I'm just not going to wake up and read something and be like, 'Well, that's rude, ' " he said.

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Sheeran's cameo in Season 7's "Dragonstone" Sunday was first revealed by producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in March.

Earlier in July, Sheeran appeared to leave Twitter following criticism unrelated to Game of Thrones, but then quickly denied he had quit.

Below, check out five other times leading up to Game of Thrones when Sheeran has taken to the big (or small) screen, from soap operas to sitcoms and even a feature film. While some praised Ed's cameo role in the series, a lot of them did not seem impressed. While he had quite a few fans excited to see him on the show, there was also a pretty vocal crowd that wasn't as keen on seeing him in Westeros. He called Twitter a platform for "saying mean things" and was trying to "work out why people dislike me so much". Unfortunately for the musician, fans of the show weren't as enamored as the young Stark, and his cameo was mercilessly mocked throughout social media. "When Lisa meets Brendan, Milhouse comes in and he goes, 'I've brought three kinds of waters - cold, warm, and lukewarm, '" says Jean. "Twitter's a platform for that", he had said.