Year Old Notorious Jewelry Thief Arrested Again


The notorious global jewel bandit dubbed "granny gem thief" was back in custody on Monday after shoplifting at a Georgia Walmart, police said.

Payne was released on bail.

Payne is an global, infamous jewel thief whose life of crime spans decades.

Payne was arrested in Chamblee for shoplifting an alleged $86.22 in items ranging from electronics to grocery to pharmacy products. For six decades, Payne has been accused of robbing stores across the United States and overseas, from Paris to suburban Walmart, with more than 20 arrests and years of jail time.

Payne claimed that since she didn't have a basket, she dropped the items in a shopping bag and thought she told the cashier about them. We're not talking about high-end jewellery. "It was all in fun", she had said, according to the Daily Beast.

Gretchen Von Helms, a California attorney who has represented Payne, said her former client's diminutive appearance and her age betray her "smarts".

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She had recently pleaded guilty of stealing a $2,000 diamond necklace from a department store in a suburb of Atlanta.

She was also wearing an ankle monitor from a previous arrest for shoplifting, CBS46 reports.

The silver-haired swindler - whose exploits were documented in the 2014 film "The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne" - insists she's now negotiating a book deal and has plenty of cash to pay for her shopping.

From there, she worked her way up from bargain jewelry to some of the most expensive stores across the globe, hitting targets as far afield as Britain, France, Italy, Monaco and even Japan.

In the documentary, she revealed how she first learned her trademark distraction trick as a teenager when a store clerk eagerly ditched her when a white customer came in.

According to police, Payne was observed stealing several items in various departments throughout the store by a loss prevention officer. She is thought to have stolen $2 million in jewellery and was profiled in a 2013 documentary, reports said. "I regret getting caught".