Alexa Is Coming To Amazon's Android App This Week


Whether you're asking how many cups there are in an ounce, or the capital city of some far flung country, Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, as found in its Echo speakers and Fire tablets, is surprisingly adept at reciting the information you need. Amazon likely decided where it should put Alexa based on how many people its mobile app can reach - which includes users who might not have a single idea what Alexa is for and what it can do. The data trove it has assembled in that time could come in very hand for Amazon (amzn), which is working hard to make Alexa, the software powering its popular Echo connected home device, smarter and more useful for customers.

Yesterday one Twitter user received a pop-up when opening his Amazon shopping app for Android. The e-commerce site recently confirmed to TechCrunch that the integration has started rolling out this week.

Amazon will soon bring Alexa functionality to Android phones just mere months after it had done so for iOS devices. Also, Alexa on Android can perform different tasks including telling jokes, launching the Netflix app, and ordering Starbucks.

The Amazon app has previously featured basic voice commands for adding items to your cart, searching for products throughout Amazon, and tracking previous orders.

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Graphiq was said to have attracted bid interest from Google and IBM before agreeing a deal with Amazon.

Thoughts on Alexa coming to Android?

The new Android integration comes after Alexa last week expanded to TVs and the company's own media streamers.