Tom Cruise Gets Severely Injured On Mission Impossible 6 Sets


An injury Tom Cruise sustained while performing a stunt for the new Mission: Impossible movie in London on Sunday (13Aug17) has reportedly shut down production for nine weeks.

A video of the stunt posted on TMZ shows the actor flying from one building, only to come up short and smack into a neighboring building. Tom Cruise is said to be seeing a doctor today in order to get the final word on his injury, but things don't sound good for the time being.

The delay suggests that the film's current July 2018 release date may be pushed back, but studio Paramount Pictures has yet to release an official announcement in that regard.

The filmmaker also confirmed that the wheels of the M:I6 machine would keep turning, despite Cruise requiring a period of recovery.

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"Thank you all for your support and concern". It's fair to wonder if he should turn over more of his action scenes to stunt doubles, particularly since he's the lead in nearly every movie he's in and production will necessarily slow or halt if he's injured. The makers of the film have no other choice than to push back the filming and the release of the film, "says the source of the log". It is set for release on July 27th 2018.

In a report by the Independent, the extent of Cruise's injuries are as of yet unknown but he did appear to be limping heavily.

Cruise is well known for his carefully planned but eye-popping stunts, especially with the Mission: Impossible franchise.

In 2013, the action star, 55, told interviewer Graham Norton that he's trained for 30 years to be able to do his own stunts. For the fourth film in the series, "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" (2011), he did wirework 2,700 feet up the side of the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the world's tallest building. The cast for the Mission Impossible 6 includes Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Michelle Monaghan, Alec Baldwin, Sean Harris, Henry Cavill and Vanessa Kirby.