Woman Finds Lost Engagement Ring On Carrot After 13 Years


Mary Grams, 84, from Alberta, Canada, thought her ring was gone forever when she lost it 13 years ago.

This week it was found on a carrot, plucked from the soil on the family farm.

Mary Grams says her ring disappeared in 2004 while she was picking weeds in her garden. "For some reason, I picked it up and it must have caught on something and pulled [the ring] off", she told Global News. "It got over it somehow".

Grams said she never told her husband, Norman, about the lost ring. After searching with no success, Grams quietly replaced it with a smaller ring without letting her husband know.

Daley said while she was pulling the carrots and noticed one of them looked odd. But unlike Grams, the connection to the garden was not so direct.

"I knew it had to belong to either grandma or my mother-in-law because no other women have lived on that farm", Mrs Daley said. The Telegraph reports that Grams had been given the diamond engagement ring in 1951, the year before she married her husband, Norman, who died five years ago, just a month after they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

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"I didn't tell him, because I thought for sure he'd give me heck or something".

An 84-year-old grandmother has been reunited with her missing engagement ring after 13 years with a carrot growing inside it.

"We looked high and low on our hands and knees", she said. But let's not forget the fact that it was found in flawless condition on a carrot that grew inside of it.

However Daley would never have expected the ring to turn up on a carrot.

The woman's daughter-in-law found the lost ring.

Instead of owning up to the incident, Mary went out and bought another ring in the hopes that her husband wouldn't notice the marked difference in size and colour. "I've never seen anything like that".