Mewtwo Is the Next Legendary Pokemon Coming To 'Pokemon Go'


According to Niantic, Exclusive Raid Battles are regular raids with a few restrictions. One player who attended the Pokemon GO event in Japan has already caught a maxed out Mewtwo with a ideal move set, likely the first in the world.

Lugia was also released during the mess that was Pokemon Go Fest. The other thing that's risen sharply in the last 24 hours is Mewtwo-related complaints from Pokemon GO users that do not live in Japan - where this Pokemon is (thus far) exclusive. It seems like that was the case, as at the event Pokemon GO players were able to battle Mewtwo, the latest Legendary Pokemon introduced into the world of the game. An invitation will give advance warning of when the Exclusive Battle Raid is going to happen, giving the player time to co-ordinate with other trainers in order to team up and defeat the beat the Raid Boss.

It wasn't too long ago that Niantic introduced a new mechanic to Pokemon GO in the form of Raid Battles. Now the Legendary is making its way across the globe and it will soon be accessible for users worldwide.

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Exclusive Raids are due to start any day now and players are currently out trying to take down Battle Raids in all of the most popular gyms in their town or city.

When a player hits a Pokemon with a PokeBall, Pokemon Go's servers determine immediately whether or not they caught it based on a combination of RNG and a player's catch bonuses. In fact, Mic reported that Legendary Raids are more hard for casual players because getting such Legendary birds require more time and effort, things that really dedicated players can give to the game. However, these Pokemons are obtainable for a limited time only and Pokemon Go players can catch them until August 31.