Final Fantasy XV Team Thinking Of Doing Something For Nintendo Switch


It's no secret that the Nintendo Switch isn't the most powerful console in the world and as a result it misses several AAA third-party titles.

As you might have heard, Final Fantasy XV is expected to find its way onto the PC in the future.

On mobile, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will be split into chapters, and the first chapter will be free with the remaining ones locked behind a pay gate. The development team still hasn't managed to get its full modding policy finished, and we still don't know whether mod support will come after the release of the game, however this is something that Tabata really wants to do.

"We can't give you any complete, solid details right at the moment", Tabata said, "but we very much do want to move out and do as much as we can with the game and the franchise".

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But then we have Hajime Tabata over here, acting all sly about a Nintendo Switch release of something. "We'll just leave it there".

The Final Fantasy XV - Pocket Edition's story will span 10 episodes with all 10 available at launch so no anxious nail biting waits. This version of the game will also include all Season Pass and free update content already released for the console version, with the addition of a new optional first-person mode for a more immersive player experience. The gameplay has been reworked into some easy to use touch controls, and the new artstyle is traying to appeal the wider audience of mobile games.

Square Enix has revealed a new version of Final Fantasy XV made specifically for phones and mobile devices.