Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Throws Punches in Tigers-Yankees Bench-Clearing Brawl


Kahnle was immediately ejected, and Yankees manager Joe Girardi got the boot moments later for furiously arguing with home plate umpire Carlos Torres over no warning be given to Kahnle.

Regardless, the events that spurred from there will likely result in multiple suspensions, starting with Cabrera for shoving and throwing a punch at Yanks catcher Austin Romine and Sanchez for running out from the dugout to get in some punches at Cabrera on the ground.

Cabrera will surely get a nice fat suspension for sparking the brawl with his shadow-boxing routine against Yankees catcher Austin Romine. Both team's managers were ejected along with Yankees' bench coach Rob Thompson. All of a sudden, Romine whipped off his mask, Cabrera pushed him, then threw a jab, Romine went for Cabrera's legs and an all-out, benches-clearing brawl was upon us.

Yankees reliever Dellin Betances made a decision to counter back, whether you think it is intentional or not, by drilling Tigers' catcher James McCann with a 98mph fastball to the head.

The benches cleared for a third time in the top of the eighth inning after Tigers pitcher Alex Wilson hit Yankees batter Todd Frazier in the left thigh with a pitch.

"I was actually on the field, so I haven't seen it and haven't talked to them about it", Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said.

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The scuffle between Cabrera and Romine began after reliever Aroldis Chapman finished his warmup pitches following Kahnle's ejection.

The duo were ejected for the scrap, with both teams getting into it. Sanchez looked to have landed an unexpected punch during the brawl, but the umpires missed it and thus he wasn't ejected.

But there's no grey area with what the Yankees' Gary Sanchez (No. 24) did during the Cabrera-Romine melee in the sixth.

The Tigers were leading the game 6-3 in the sixth inning, but the Yankees have embarrassed the Tigers in front of their home crowd the last two nights.

This was not the case with the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees on Thursday.

The game was finally about to resume when Cabrera stepped toward Romine, and the NY catcher took off his mask. Cabrera made the first move by pushing Romine in the chest and taking a swing. Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias was also fined.