Mexico refining NAFTA objectives after first round of talks


Mexico's currency fell to record lows in the wake of Trump's victory in the USA presidential election last November, with investors scared he could hurt Mexican exports and cause a recession south of the border. In 1991, bilateral talks began with Mexico, which Canada joined. The state exported $2 billion in goods to Canada, its second-largest trading partner, and bought $1.3 billion in Canadian goods in 2016. In a press release the group said, "Under NAFTA and its forerunner, the Canada-US FTA, farm input costs have gone up and inflation-adjusted commodity prices have dropped, yet the farmer's share of the grocery dollar is smaller".

"I think courts are going to be sympathetic to the idea that the president can't ignore the legislation that implements these trade agreements".

But Trump's speech on Tuesday night showed traders remain skittish about the future of NAFTA, and highlighted the complexity of the talks to re-negotiate the treaty with Trump looming over proceedings.

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Jones also predicted that eventually "sanity will prevail"-that the USA government will recognize that the United States benefits from an economically unified North America".

However, he stressed that "that could have been done by President Trump, and yet what is happening is that we are formally negotiating, in an ambitious process that will last for months". "They are following the trade objectives Congress gave them". Echoing those sentiments, officials in Mexico and Canada appear anxious to keep a trade deal with the United States, arguing that the agreement should not be shelved, while admitting that it needs updating to better fit changing economies. "We also encourage the government to hold the line on in keeping NAFTA's cultural exemption and our supply management program". "Mexico and Canada are trusted trade partners to the USA, and, as a result, we are strong national security partners".

"President Trump has been clear from the very beginning that if the NAFTA renegotiation is unsuccessful, he will withdraw from the agreement", Lighthizer said in a statement issued by the Office of the United States Trade Representative. For Christine St-Pierre, minister of global Relations and the Francophonie, "there is what Mr. Trump says, and there are people at the table of negotiations". Americans had trade with Canada and Mexico prior to 1994, and without NAFTA, they will have trade again. Trump himself, unlike his foreign counterparts, did not make the renegotiation launch a major messaging point or send a top-ranked official to represent the United States at the talks. A common topic of hallway chatter at last week's first round of talks last week was just when he might deploy that withdrawal threat, which many view as his principal source of negotiating leverage.