Notorious Trump supporter David Clarke steps down as Milwaukee County's sheriff


Controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has resigned, the Milwaukee County Clerk told CBS affiliate WDJT.

In June, the sheriff withdrew his name for Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security.

A message seeking comment from the Sheriff's office was not returned. The investigation stems from an incident at the Milwaukee airport, where Clarke ordered on-duty deputies to come shake down a fellow passenger who had stared him down and expressed distaste for the radical conservative sheriff.

"We will see what the process is going forward, but regardless, I will continue to be a candidate for a full term as Sheriff in 2018, and I look forward to earning the trust of Milwaukee County voters". He has been vocal about gun rights and critical of what he called the "hateful ideology" of the Black Lives Matters movement, saying at times, "Stop trying to fix the police".

"This is created to intimidate me", he said of the news organization. In a particularly egregious case, jailers allowed a man with mental health problems to die of dehydration after allegedly cutting off the inmate's water for a week.

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Clarke said what the Journal Sentinel's "hit job" missed is the fact that jail populations are filled with sick people who have made a lot of bad decisions that have compromised their health.

Clarke also blamed the medical staff, which the county privately contracts with, and maybe the county executive - basically, everyone but him.

Clarke added that there's no pattern or connection in the deaths.

In January, after four inmate deaths in county jails, County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde urged Clarke to resign. Clarke became a go-to talking head for Fox News and other conservative outlets as the tide of protest against police violence crested nationwide in recent years.