Watch Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Destiny 2 Trailer


- Here is the Destiny 2 Live-Action Launch Trailer.

Currently PC players can still try out the game's beta on PC through Blizzard's Battlenet application. Except for the Last City.

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If you have the digital version of Destiny 2 pre-ordered on PS4, it's a 32GB download and pre-loads are now live in North America (they should go up tomorrow in Europe). And now a psycho rhino named Ghaul is coming to take that away too. The trailer packs so many explosions, stunning recreations of weapons and armor from the game, breath taking landscapes, epic action and music from the Bestie Boys into two minutes that even the most avid Destiny and/or Bungie hater can't help but feel tempted to get a first class seat on the Destiny 2 bandwagon. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Vogt-Roberts discussed what motivated him to follow up a major studio movie with a video game commercial, as well as the lessons the experience gave him for his upcoming film adaptation of the video game series Metal Gear Solid. For me as a gamer, and the world is changing so much, but I just remember so vividly when I was younger marketing campaigns hadn't figured out how to be respectful and loving to the actual people playing games in their basement before gaming was cool. Watch the Destiny 2 trailer to below to see what we're talking about.

Designed as a means to introduce first-time players and returning Guardians alike to the core themes and characters that make up the popular sci-fi universe, the live-action trailer for Destiny 2 stars Nathan Fillion as returning protagonist Cayde-6. Vogt-Roberts also talked a bit about how the whole thing came about and the creative process that went into making this trailer.