Lead NFL investigator in Ezekiel Elliott case reportedly recommended no suspension


The order called for the courts to block any suspension of Elliott upheld by National Football League arbitrator Harold Henderson, according to a court filing obtained by ESPN. The Star-Telegram's report that Roberts recommended no suspension and that her recommendations were not included in the NFL's 160-page report on the matter would appear to increase the chances that the suspension will be reduced or challenged in court.

Elliott, the NFL's 2016 rushing leader as a rookie, was suspended after the league concluded he used physical force last summer in OH against Tiffany Thompson, his girlfriend at the time. The NFL still conducted its own investigation and decided based off their information that Elliott deserved a suspension.

Roberts was part of the committee that wrote the 160-page report on its investigation into Elliott's case, but that report did not include a specific recommendation of discipline.

On Wednesday at the hearing, appeals officer Harold Henderson heard testimony from Lisa Friel, the former New York City prosecutor who now investigates domestic violence cases for the NFL.

During the appeal hearing there was testimony that Friel barred Roberts from the meeting, a source said.

Ezekiel Elliott
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Last July, Thompson took to social media, with photos of her allegedly bruised body, claiming that Elliott had hit her.

Ezekiel Elliott's appeal hearing is expected to be a lengthy process. The organization representing the players is adamant that the process by which league commissioner Roger Goodell arrived at a six-game ban for Elliott is fundamentally flawed.

In the court filing, the NFLPA maintained that "there was a league-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives.to hide critical information which would completely exonerate Elliott".

Fueled by what they believe were procedural errors made by the NFL during the initial ruling, Elliott and the NFL Player's Association filed suit in federal district court in Plano on Thursday night in hopes of a gaining temporary injunction to block the suspension, allowing him to play until it's resolved, a source said.

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