Elon Musk just made a SpaceX FAIL video


Since the beginning, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has stressed the importance of making the company's rockets reusable.

Along with each clip is a caption explaining why the landing failed.

"You are my everything", Musk tells the rocket in the video. It's just a scratch, ' regardless of the fact that it is in pieces.

At one point, as the rocket crashes down onto its pad, the video captions it as follows: "Well, technically it did land.just not in one piece".

One of the best ways to do that, the company figured, was to stop throwing away the first stages of its rockets. Watching things go boom is always a good way to waste two minutes, but it's also satisfying to see the progress SpaceX made from first attempting a "soft water" landing as a proof of concept to nailing the robo-barge landing with aplomb. Imagine if the landings were still turning into explosions; then such a video would have come from someone else, maybe even a rival.

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On Aug. 31, Musk announced on Twitter that he was "Putting together a SpaceX rocket-landing blooper reel". But since the hard work of the team resulted in success, Musk will surely be proud to share this journey (with a mix of humor) with fans. That was SpaceX flight 20 of the Falcon 9 rocket version Orbcomm OG2 M2.

Full rocket reusability is an essential part of SpaceX's plans for Mars, too.

Fortunately, SpaceX's last 12 landing attempts, including recycled spacecraft, were successful.

SpaceX, which Musk founded in 2002 specifically with the objective of colonizing Mars, is one of several private and government funded ventures vying to put people and cargo on the red planet and other destinations beyond Earth's orbit.