Google will unveil the Pixel 2 on October 4


The teaser advertised for the upcoming Pixel 2 phones ends with Google announcing something big coming on October 4, which falls in line with the original Pixel's release past year.

The hype in the smartphone market was all about the iPhone X, but Google is now asking consumers to "stay tuned for more on October 4" for its own device: the Pixel 2. Are you thinking about upgrading to a Pixel 2? This feature can scan photos you take or just scenes you point the camera at, and then offer contextual information. What could be a better way to distract ourselves from an unaffordable $999 luxury than the upcoming Google Pixel 2?

Just like the Pixel 2 before it, the Pixel 2 XL made its way to the FCC. Now it looks like the two handsets will be announced a day earlier on the 4th of October.

In a rather interesting case, Google is now replacing some defective Nexus 6P smartphones with Pixel XL according to users on Reddit.

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Unlike HTC, LG has done a pretty good job concealing the numbers and other details of the Pixel 2 XL. The phrase was rolled out with the original Pixel to refer to the fact it was the first time Google created both the software and hardware of a smartphone.

What's wrong with my phone's battery? There are even rumors that the Pixel 2 might have squeezable sides similar to the HTC U11, but that's really more of a bonus than a must-have feature. And since Huawei has stopped making the device, Google has chose to offer a better replacement - a spanking new Pixel XL.

Now that Apple has officially announced its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it's Google's turn to try to wow the world with what it thinks is the future of smartphones. Interestingly, this poses a question that if Google Pixel 2 is G011A and Pixel XL 2 is G011C, what happened to "G011B", the alleged "Muskie" smartphone.

We all know that Google has partnered with HTC to manufacture the Pixel and Pixel XL.