Taco Bell's expansion plan includes 350 new restaurants that would serve alcohol


Zeroing in on big cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and NY (including a plan to open at least 50 locations in Manhattan, presently there are a mere six).

Taco Bell is working to revamp its image through adding about 300 new locations that feature locations without a drive through, Food &Wine Magazine reported. These locations will also serve beer, wine, sangria and "Twisted Freezes", which will be slushies made with tequila, rum or vodka. They're going to be much more decorated affairs, with open kitchens, digital menus and plenty of other niceties that you probably don't see very often at your hometown Taco Bell, unless you already live near a very special one or some such. Customers will be able to watch their food being cooked.

Taco Bell's chief operating officer credits millennials' moving into downtown areas helping to revitalize urban areas. While the loss of drive-thrus could be devastating to the perennial fast-food diner, Taco Bell promises to serve alcohol at these new locations.

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And that certainly rings true as this isn't the first time Taco Bell has attempted to revolutionize its brand. Get rid of drive-thrus and begin serving alcohol, according to a report.

Getting rid of them in hundreds of new stores?