Federation Internationale de Football Association poppy ban to be lifted for United Kingdom home nations


World football's governing body ruled that poppies flouted regulations banning political, religious or personal symbols on kits and in stadiums, leading British nations to push for a change.

However, according to the Mirror, this year the ban has been lifted and teams can wear the poppy without facing the.

An 11-month investigation was launched after England appealed against their £35,000 fine for flaunting strict instructions not to display the emblems at the World Cup qualifier against Scotland on November 11 previous year.

Both England and Scotland wore the poppy on black armbands during their World Cup qualifier at Wembley in November 2016.

The FA, SFA and FAW all lodged appeals, with the IFA not joining them only due to there being no right of appeal for fines below a certain threshold.

All four of the UK's national sides received fines from FIFA's disciplinary panel last November for displaying poppies in various forms to honour Armistice Day, a decision that prompted an intervention from prime minister Theresa May, who described the punishments as "utterly outrageous".

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A ban on the use of a poppy during games looks set to be lifted by Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Federation Internationale de Football Association have since drafted a proposal that will allow the poppy to be worn as long the opposing teams and the competition organiser both accept the use of it.

England are set to play Germany in a friendly at Wembley during this time and it is understood the German FA has no objections over the use of the poppy.

The document, which discusses the Federation Internationale de Football Association rule known as law four, does not provide much clarity on what the "initiatives" might be, but says they can not breach law 12, which refers to foul play and abusive language.

But the ban is now reportedly to be lifted Federation Internationale de Football Association in time for England's friendly with Germany on November 10, the evening before Armistice Day.

"These clarifications do not require any further ratification, as they have been approved by The IFAB's Board of Directors (body authorised to approve such clarifications, which are not Law changes)".