UKIP party elects fourth leader in a year


This led to the resignation of the party's then leader Paul Nuttall.

Henry Bolton, 54, a former Lib Dem candidate and father of three, won 30 per cent of the vote, beating a controversial anti-Islam candidate and other higher-profile Ukip figures.

UKIP is set to unveil its fourth leader in just over a year after a contest that has divided the party.

Bolton had warned his party against a lurch to the right and said he wanted to "resume Nigel Farage's legacy by restoring UKIP's relevance and authority".

Henry Bolton called on Ukip members to "rally around the party and be united" as he defied the odds to be named leader in a shock result on Friday.

It is believed Mr Farage could make a return to Ukip if anti-Muslim candidate Anne Marie Waters wins the leadership contest.

As the conference gets underway, interim leader Steve Crowther unveiled the new logo - which some, including Gary Lineker, suggested bore a resemblance to that of the Premier League.

Henry Bolton with his wife Tatiana Smurova-Bolton who gave birth to their baby daughter on the 3.43pm Southeastern service from Ashford International to St Pancras International on Sunday

The result of the party's leadership election will be announced today at around 5pm at the Ukip conference in Torquay.

"We can't lead the nation and we can't hold the government to account and we can't achieve our core goal at all", he said.

Her leadership rival Peter Whittle was a keen advocate of the party's policy on banning full face veils, although he has focused his leadership contest on Brexit. Henry Bolton secured over 3,800 votes, 1,000 more than Ms Waters, who came second.

"He is a man of real substance", the former leader added.

He has denied reports he will quit the party to set up a new movement if Ms Waters is elected. I do not see myself as being your leader, I see myself as serving this party.

Mr Farage's successor, Diane James, stepped down in October, just 18 days after being elected.

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